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Bags to Complement Your Festival Style

Whether you’re attending a weekend festival or a day event, there always seems to be an endless list of things you need to bring along. From practical essentials like sunscreen, money, hand gel, and tickets to personal items like makeup and your mobile, it’s important to be prepared. But let’s not forget about style! Your handbag is an essential accessory that can complete your festival look. So, what kind of bag will match your outfits and capture that festival vibe? Here are some contenders:

Floral Bags

Embrace the power of flowers with a floral motif bag. Whether it’s a vibrant and bold design or a delicate pattern, floral prints are deeply rooted in festival culture. Channel the spirit of the ’60s with a floral bag paired with a maxi-dress or use it to add a pop of contrast to a solid-colored dress. Nothing says sun and nature like a beautiful floral design.

Straw Bags

Bring rustic charm and a connection to nature with a straw bag. It’s the perfect accessory for enjoying a drink during a picnic or soaking up the festival atmosphere. Straw bags work best during the summer season, whether you’re at the beach or a festival. Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your stylish straw bag.

Classic Black Bags

You can never go wrong with classic black. It’s a versatile color that goes with everything, including festival outfits. A sleek and stylish black bag will always look appropriate and can even help balance out other accessories or eye-catching outfits. If you’re wearing a summery white dress, a black bag can create a striking contrast.

Chain Link Bags

For a touch of bling and glamour, opt for a chain link bag. It adds a sophisticated edge to your festival outfit, especially during those enchanting summer evenings. Let your bag shine as you dance the night away or enjoy the festival vibes.

Cross Body Bags

The faithful cross body bag was practically made for festivals. It’s incredibly practical, offering room for all your essentials and requiring minimal maintenance. Just sling it over your shoulder and forget about it. Whether you’re dancing, indulging in festival food, or moving between stages, you can trust that your bag is right there on your hip.

Structured Bags

If you want to make a fashion statement, consider a structured bag. While not as practical as cross body bags, structured bags are all about style and image. Celebrities have been sporting tiny structured bags at festivals like Coachella for years, and the trend shows no signs of fading. Choose a festival handbag that exudes fun and complements your outfit.

Festivals are significant events in your summer calendar, alongside weddings and other special occasions. It’s essential to get your look right. With the variety of festivals available, from iconic music events to relaxed garden parties, putting together the perfect outfit (or outfits) can be a creative endeavor. Don’t let all your effort go to waste with the wrong choice of handbag. We hope we’ve provided some inspiration for selecting the perfect festival bag. Take a closer look at your options using a fashion shopping app and add the finishing touch to your ideal festival outfit.

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