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Deanna Deveney, an attorney who specializes in communications on why mental health matters.

Deanna Deveney, an attorney who specializes in communications on why mental health matters.
Deanna is a Massachusetts native who has been effective in her profession and helping numerous municipalities and counties as a lawyer, interactions, and government affairs professional. Through her worthy work principles and rigorous scholastic training, Deanna had actually prepared herself to acquire her JD Massachusetts School of Law.

Always an advocate of Military Veterans, Deanna led the charge in raising funds to put up a flagpole beyond the Massachusetts School of Law alongside her veteran associate to commemorate the sacrifice and valor of the country’s brave veterans. While her education as a lawyer and experience at the District Attorney’s Office began her career,, her course led her towards interactions, public relations, and federal government affairs; primarily to focus on prevention rather than prosecution.

From Reaction to Proaction
If you were to ask Deanna Deveney why she got in the legal profession, her action would be to assist those who are the most vulnerable. Among the pivotal factors of her role was to review crime rate data and create prepare for their healing, engaging with crucial stakeholders. Furthermore, Deanna Deveney would put those plans into action, through the myriad accomplishments she has made in the county of Middlesex, and Massachusetts as a whole.

Through her time at the DA workplace, she recognized that her true passion lay in the field of public relations and communications. Deanna has led an expert profession in interactions, both as a Communications Director and Government Relations Director.

Deanna stays most happy of the communications technique she established in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the circumstance of the pandemic was unpredicted and unpredictable, Deanna and her group developed to carry out an effective campaign varying from food insecurity to vaccination and COVID19 screening in the neighborhood.

State Of Mind Dictates Lifestyle
Deanna is a substantial advocate for looking after your own psychological health. Throughout her professional and individual life, she still discovers time to put her psychological and physical health at the leading edge of her day. She thinks that yoga, meditation, strolls along the ocean and community involvement have provided her the tools needed to build a location of fortitude within her perspective.

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