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Werribee Mercy Hospital failing to meet community needs

Werribee Hospital
Jacquie Henning, who was pregnant in 2019, expected to give birth in Werribee Mercy Medical Facility. It is a 10-minute drive from Jacquie’s Point Cook home.

She was informed that the healthcare facility was complete.

” I was quite shocked, it’s the local medical facility,” Ms Henning specified.

” I would assume that everyone in this region would go there.”

Rather, she was moved from Sunshine to Sunshine. Sunlight has to do with a 45-minute drive if traffic was great.

” We would schedule consultations at 10 o’clock to avoid traffic congestion and get there on-time,” Ms Henning specified.

This is a typical experience for people who have their babies in Melbourne’s outer west. There, the population grows much faster than the hospital.

Werribee Mercy Hospital was house to 3,897 children in 2019, but data from the council revealed that 4,745 kids were born to regional families.

Lots of were sent to Sunshine Beach and Geelong.

Births by the side of the road
Jacquie Henning said that she had a favorable experience with giving birth at Sunshine Hospital.

Kathy McMahon, Werribee Mercy Hospital’s director of paediatrics, stated that numerous pregnant girls got stuck in traffic en route to the hospital.

She stated, “We have actually had women give birth on the side of the roadway and the ambulance brought them here due to, you know traffic.”

Dr McMahon said that this happens around once each month.

This is only one indication that Werribee Mercy Hospital is not staying up to date with the neighborhood.

Dr McMahon said that kids were being moved from one health center to another for orthopaedics, many surgeries, MRI scans, inpatient psychiatric care, and other treatments.

She recommended that the health center have a pediatric emergency department.

She stated, “Our ED has actually reached its end of life … it’s not suitable for kids.”

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