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Curve Bangs Are the New Cut to Try for Summer

Actually, what are curve bangs– and how do they differ from other designs? We’re happy you asked: For the unfamiliar, curve bangs are those that have a bend to them, allowing them to frame the face.

If you’re still questioning how precisely they vary from other (yet comparable) cuts, like drape and blunt bangs, you’re not alone, which is why we tapped 2 specialists to break down the specifics on curve bangs. Here’s what you require to understand.

What Are Curve Bangs?

Essentially, curve bangs are bangs that are curved in such a way that frames your face. “These types of bangs are created to resemble the curves of your face, with longer layers on each side of your face with the center being much shorter,” says Andrew Fitzsimons, celeb hair stylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons Haircare.

If you want to compare them to other designs, “curve bangs are a mix of the two popular styles of curtain and blunt bangs,” says David Cotteblanche, a senior hairdresser at Fekkai Soho. “They are shorter in the front, beginning in the middle of the eyebrows, and after that curve out– creating a stronger, more defined appearance than drape bangs.”

The curve bang deals with all hair types, but both stylists especially love the search for those with naturally straight hair. “Long, straight hair can get weighed down, and curved bangs have the ability to form the hair and add definition to the face,” Fitzsimons states.

How to Style Curve Bangs

Fortunately, styling curve bangs is basic, a lot so that you can get creative and original. “You can have these bangs look thick, wispy, voluminous, or directly,” Fitzsimons says.

For a simple design, however, start by nourishing strands with a leave-in conditioner that safeguards versus hot tools. Then, then use a 1.5-inch curling iron to bend the bangs towards your face. You can likewise use hot rollers, leaving them in the hair for 5 minutes.

Finish by working a pea-sized amount of a glossing cream, such as Fekkai Brilliant Gloss Multi-Tasker,


What to Ask Your Stylist

Fitzsimons advises coming in with visuals for your stylists when asking for this type of bangs, which makes sure that you get exactly what you want– and a design that works finest for your hair. Some celeb inspo you can aim to, he says, is Kim Kardashian, who “definitely killed the curved bangs appearance when she used them with her hair half-up,” he states. “It really assisted shaped her face.”

You can likewise aim to Taylor Swift, who Cottenblanche credits as the most popular example of this bang cut, or Sarah Hyland, who, he states, has an edgier look that frames her face well thanks to this style.

However if you want to provide your stylist more instructions, simply inform them you want a more defined haircut than a curtain bang. Ultimately, if you’ve been toying with the concept of bangs, think about offering curve bangs a shot. Chances are high you won’t regret them.

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