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Your Ultimate Guide To Bikini Wax Aftercare

Bad news first: Even if you’ve done the important skin preparation before your swimsuit wax, there’s still work to be done after the service, too. That’s because your swimsuit wax aftercare is just as crucial for keeping skin smooth and ready for future waxes. The good news? A few simple standards can minimize bristle, lessen ingrown hairs, and keep skin smooth.

Even though it can seem like an afterthought in skin care, the swimsuit area requires TLC. “The bikini area is often ignored from a care point of view, however keep in mind that it’s a high-touch area– from the option of your hair elimination, underclothing, exercise, et cetera,” states Angelica Sele, a sexual-wellness supporter and waxing expert at Angelica B Beauty in San Diego, CA. “It’s vulnerable to bumps, inflammation, and coloring.”

And that’s especially the case after you’ve gotten a swimwear wax, since the sensitive skin can be additional vulnerable to these concerns. With that in mind, here’s what you require to know.

Focus On Soothing Ingredients

Freshly waxed skin is super-sensitive, so it’s imperative that you utilize relaxing ingredients to actively calm it. She’s a fan of Fur Oil or Lady Suite Rejuvenating Botanical Oil, which can help maintain and condition skin as it recovers.

Avoid the Exfoliants

Since your skin needs to heal throughout the first couple of days after a wax, consider exfoliants off limits. “Using abrasive products on your skin in the very first 48 hours after a wax service can cause inflammation,” says Nicole Sandoval, senior director of knowing and advancement and field training at the European Wax. “Waxing naturally exfoliates your skin, so you must benefit a few days.”

When those couple of days have actually passed, she does advise carefully exfoliating (focus on “gently”) in between your wax appointments. Attempt the EWC Treat Face & Body Exfoliating Gel, which will not just keep skin smooth but is also non-comedogenic– indicating it won’t add to breakouts and bumps down there.

Do Not Do Strenuous Activity

Bikini-wax newbies might not understand that some everyday practices and activities should be off-limits after a wax. To keep the location tidy and bacteria-free, for example, Sele states to not touch or apply any topical cream on newly waxed skin for a minimum of 12 hours. She likewise states to skip any repeated workout (think: the elliptical), sun exposure, swimming, baths, and saunas for at least 24 hours, given that the combination of moisture and heat could possibly aggravate inflammation.

If you can help it– although we understand it’s hard, so no judgment here– prevent shaving between waxing, as that can make you more vulnerable to itching and ingrown hairs, states Sandoval.

Use Your Esthetician as a Resource

When in doubt, ask your esthetician for advice and item recommendations to ensure the very best bikini wax aftercare for your specific skin needs. “When you follow the suggested aftercare of your wax expert, you will have excellent results with smooth skin and hair growing thinner, softer, and finer,” states Sandoval.

The good news? Although bikini wax aftercare is non-negotiable, it’s not that tough to keep up. By babying your skin for a couple of days and adjusting your routine, your freshly smooth skin will last for weeks (and weeks, and weeks).

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